Odds are good you’ve heard the saying “share the love” more than once – probably when a sibling or friend was trying to convince you to share a treat you were happily munching. That’s why the team at Lord de Pastry does what we do. Our wholesale bakery is all about sharing our love of delicious baked goods that are as healthy and naturally made as they are delicious. We pride ourselves on using the best natural ingredients in our wholesale bakery products because we want you to be able to enjoy the best baked goods, even if you have health restrictions like diabetes or gluten intolerance.


The Best Wholesale Pastries

In our modern society, it can be a totally overwhelming process, trying to figure out what to eat, how to stay healthy, which diet or nutritional plan to follow. It’s an information age, but sometimes, too much information can be a hindrance rather than a help. That’s why we try to keep it simple with every single Lord de Pastry wholesale bakery product. Our focus is on finding the best natural ingredients, which means our pastries are not only delicious, they’re pretty darn good for you! We source ingredients that are non-GMO and organic; in our wholesale pastries, you won’t find any MSG, added trans-fats, or artificial flavors.

On top of including all natural ingredients, we strive to find a balance between taste and health value. This means we will experiment with our recipes to do things like substitute fresh fruits or agave syrup as a way to reduce the sugar content while keeping great taste. Ultimately, this means you can trust that Lord de Pastry wholesale bakery products are all healthy and fresh but still delicious.


Are You A Giver?

When the winter holidays roll around, do you go into a baking frenzy so you can make favorite treats for all of your family and friends? Do you go on Pinterest or Youtube for tutorials on how to make elaborate cakes for birthdays? If you’re like us, you share baked goods, desserts, or other treats with those around you as a way of showing you care. We simply do this on a much bigger scale. As we mentioned above, we pride ourselves on making wholesale bakery products that are both nutritious and healthy; when you bake for your loved ones, you are doing essentially the same thing. If you manage a local branch of a grocery store chain, wholesale big-box store, or even a local coffee shop, you could join Lord de Pastry in spreading delicious and healthy wholesale bakery products on a broader scale, become a wholesale distributor!


Become a Distributor

Lord de Pastry doesn’t have a store front where we sell our products. Instead of splitting our attention between baking and selling, we focus all our time and effort into making our sweet treats and perfecting our recipes. This means, however, that we need others to help us get our products out there! If you love providing treats to sweeten people’s days, don’t limit yourself to just annual holiday baking or the occasional tray of cupcakes. Partnering with Lord de Pastry means you can sweeten days naturally and healthfully without going crazy from too much baking! We’ll do the baking and deliver our naturally sweet cookies and diabetic friendly wholesale pastries to you fresh. Simply stock them in your bakery section or add to your cafe’s display. We already know how a perfect partnership between natural and sweet creates the best pastries; partner with us for better baked goods in your store!


Give Us a Call

If you’re interested in expanding and improving the baked goods you carry, call Lord de Pastry. You can check out the products we make online, see the nutritional benefits, and even get to know a bit more about how we got our start and why we’re so passionate about making the best wholesale bakery products we can. If that’s still not enough information, click here to find a Lord de Pastry distributor near you so you can try our heavenly sweet treats. If you want to become a Lord de Pastry bakery wholesale distributor, fill out our form online or give us a call today!