Baking that comes from the heart.

Lord de Pastry is not your average wholesale bakery. We truly care about the products we make and we thrive on giving our customers pastries that are made with natural, wholesome ingredients and love. We believe in being as transparent as possible about our healthy pastry by, telling you exactly what is in the baked good you are eating, and by using only the highest-quality natural ingredients to make them.

We have no secret recipes when it comes to the cakes, cookies, pastries, and low sugar sweets that we make. We prefer for all of our customers to know what is in their food, so we label all ingredients, as well as the fat and sugar content, to help you make the right choice about your natural cookie selection.

The craft of making something great.

We understand that what makes our company so great is not just the delicious treats our commercial baking business makes, but the team of hardworking pastry chefs that put passion into all they do. The best ingredients deserve to be handled by the most experienced and committed chefs, who know that the key ingredient is always love. All of our pastries are baked fresh daily, and we taste everything that comes out of our kitchen to ensure only the highest quality baking and pastry items make it to your table. Our vision for freshness and quality carry through from our kitchen directly to your taste buds. Each one of our pastries is made with love, for you to enjoy with guilt-free satisfaction. We truly love what we do, and you can taste that in every bite you take.