Year after year, one of the most common resolutions heard across the country is, “I’m going to lose weight and eat healthy foods only!” For some, that all-or-nothing attitude is a good way to force major changes to daily habits. For most of us, however, going the all-or-nothing route when it comes to diet changes is a sure plan for failure. Rather than cutting out fat, sugar, or carbs entirely and depriving your body of nutrients it craves, try these tips to change your diet and eat healthier without going cold turkey from pastries and treats.

dreamstime_xxl_28051694 Why Is It So Hard To Quit?

Cutting out sugar can be particularly difficult as most people use sugary desserts and goodies as a special treat or a reward for surviving particularly rough days. Over time, your body comes to associate sugar with certain emotions, which can make you crave it more. This is why it’s so hard to quit sugar entirely! Emotional reinforcement aside, your brain and body need sugar to function, which is why cutting out sugar entirely doesn’t really work.

Make Small Changes

This new year, instead of jumping on board the latest fad diet, strive to make lifestyle changes that are better for you and more sustainable long-term. At Lord de Pastry, we pride ourselves on healthy, natural, low-sugar desserts because we know sweet treats matter, but so does your health. Here are some times to improve your diet in the new year:

  1. Cut down on processed food – A great deal of what makes processed foods easy to manufacture and less costly is the primary ingredient: corn. Corn is, comparatively, inexpensive and easy to grow. Ground corn or the derivative corn syrup are two of the most common ingredients in nearly all processed foods. And corn is sugary! Cutting down on processed foods will cut a good portion of sugar from your diet.
  2. Take a carb break – Just as with corn, you’re probably eating more carbohydrates on a daily basis than your body actually needs, and carbohydrates break down in your body as sugars. We know they can be easy time savers, but cutting down on pasta and bread will help reduce the amount of sugar in your diet. Instead…
  3. dreamstime_xxl_43218741Focus on the greenery – Vegetables, especially the green ones, are chock full of most of the nutrients your body needs on a regular basis and many are rich in fiber, which will help you feel full longer that those processed snacks. Spinach, kale, brussel sprouts, asparagus – they all have a bad reputation for not tasting great, but are really good for you! Try some of those Food Network recipes online to add more green in your diet.
  4. Go natural – Yes, okay, we did say to ignore the fad diets, but this is one bandwagon you should jump on. If you crave certain kinds of snacks, the natural varieties are, usually, better for you because they include less filler materials. Just be sure to check the ingredients so you know you’re getting the real thing, not corn filler!
  5. Don’t ditch dessert! – As we mentioned above, going cold turkey to cut desserts and sweets from your life can be difficult to do. Instead, find healthier alternatives to assuage that craving but keep your healthy lifestyle changes on track. Instead of a brownie frosted in chocolate, try fruits dipped in chocolate instead. If you’re an ice cream fan, try sorbet or coconut milk based varieties, which usually include less sugar on top of that healthier non-cream base. If you’re a cookies and cakes fan, add Lord de Pastry treats into your routine. Our treats are made with natural ingredients, and many have less sugar or low-sugar alternatives that taste just as great.

To keep your New Year’s resolution and make healthy lifestyle changes this January, try the tips above. Click here to find Lord de Pastry distributors near you!