We use natural, wholesome ingredients, mixed well with passion and love, to deliver the best tasting pastries that everyone loves.

At Lord de Pastry, what makes our low sugar desserts something so wonderful is how they are made… and we believe that matters most. For more than 65 years, we have been fulfilling our goal of providing our customers with high-quality pastries made with only the best natural ingredients. It is our goal to give you something delicious, making a healthy choice actually taste good.

Always natural. Always delicious.

Through our many years creating delicious wholesale pastries, we have learned that what matters most to us is that our customers have nutritious options when it comes to baking and pastry. Although it would be a fantastic life if veggies tasted as good as bacon, we are all well aware that is not the case. What we can do instead is give our customers naturally-delicious healthy pastry, made from only the finest ingredients, making a healthy choice one that still tastes delicious.

At Lord de Pastry, we are proud of what we make and strive to protect our reputable company name by staying true to our values. The flour we use comes from only the freshest grains and our milk from the healthiest cows. The highest-quality eggs and fruit are picked fresh straight from where they all start, and we never use butter or sugar substitutes, opting for only ingredients that you can trust.

We work hard for you. Quality, nutritious, tasty pastries are our passion and the smiles that come from our products is the fuel to keep us going. We not only love what we do because it is our profession, we are passionate about making a difference one delicious bite at a time. Contact Lord De Pastry today for low sugar desserts from our wholesale bakery supply company!