The Internet is considered by most to be the most useful of modern technology, if only because of how easy it is to search for necessary information and learn a wide variety of different information. However, depending on what you’re looking for, it can also be one of the most overwhelming ways to learn something. For example, searching for something like the “healthy desserts” can lead to millions of results. The big question, given this information inundation, is how you know which to pick! At Lord de Pastry, our goal is to provide the best healthy dessert options possible without sacrificing flavor. If you’re on the hunt for healthy dessert ideas, here are a few things to consider, inspired by our own aims to make healthy desserts.


Sorting the Healthy Dessert Ideas

First things first, when we talk about healthy dessert ideas, we know that encompasses a whole spectrum of different health concerns. Before you can pick the best healthy dessert ideas for you, you’ll need to define what healthy means for your body. Are you looking to reduce your daily calorie intake? Do you have a health concern that can be controlled with a strict diet, something like diabetes? Do you have a food allergy like gluten intolerance? Healthy desserts vary just as much as what each individual’s body needs.


Sugar Struggles

Sugar concerns seem to be an increasing worry for much of the American population. With the ever-increasing number of people getting diagnosed with diabetes and other sugar-sensitive health issues, choosing healthy low sugar desserts that still taste good can be one of the biggest struggles. Especially when holidays roll around, desserts feel mandatory, but sticking to a healthy eating plan is just as important. If you need healthy dessert ideas that focus on low sugar, search for items that use fresh fruits and nuts to replace some of the sugar- and carbohydrate-laden ingredients. For example, the Lord de Pastry walnut Gata offers the same delicious soft pastry as our traditional Gata, but we’ve reduced the sugar in favor of a walnut and cinnamon filling. This lowers the sugar count from 17 grams of sugar down to 9 grams per serving.


Cutting Carbs

For many with sugar concerns, watching the carbohydrate count is just as important as the sugar count because our bodies naturally convert carbs to glucose. In this sense, searching out diabetic-friendly and gluten free options can lead to some of the best healthy desserts. Most gluten free pastries are made with alternative flours like almond flour and potato flour, so there are few to no carbohydrates involved at all. However, be sure to check the ingredient list and nutrition facts carefully as many companies will double up on sugary ingredients to balance out the flavor and texture. For a great gluten free treat, try Lord de Pastry’s Coconut Macaroon, which is made from 4 ingredients: coconut, sugar, egg whites, and vanilla powder.

Choose Natural

Even if you don’t have strict dietary needs, choosing baked goods made from natural ingredients are often a great deal healthier and less sugary than overly-processed alternatives. Many non-natural baked goods use sugary ingredients like corn syrup as a flavor enhancer, which makes desserts extra sugary. For healthy dessert ideas, look for baked goods that were freshly made and use fruits, nuts, and spices to give flavor rather than corn syrup. At Lord de Pastry, we understand that using natural ingredients means we can craft healthy desserts and use less sugar; we use fresh fruits, nuts, and spices to create rich flavors so we don’t have to rely on heavy sugar quantities.

For easy and delicious healthy dessert ideas, find a Lord de Pastry distributor near you and try our tasty pastry treats today!