Lord De Pastry has partnered with Brickstone Group for product distribution.

Brickstone Group is a food production and distribution platform founded in 2012 in Pacific Palisades, California to bring quality all-natural products from private-owned farms and manufacturers directly to you. For the past many decades, corporations have eroded the once strong bond between farmers and consumers. Their chemically-engineered and environmentally unsustainable processed foods have contributed greatly to the rise of nutrition-related diseases, pollution, and the unethical treatment of animals. Meanwhile, stock prices rise along with America’s blood pressure as corporations reap enormous profits. They’ve also driven countless small farmers to bankruptcy and devastated whole communities via outsourced labor, imports from overseas, and an influence on government policy that’s pushing the family farm to the brink of extinction. Big Agra isn’t feeding us–they’re killing us.

So what can we do about it? How can small businesses—the backbone of America—compete against these giant conglomerates with unlimited resources, capital, and access to consumer data? How do small farmers and manufacturers get their products into the major markets, nationwide? Brickstone Group believes that given a clear and accessible alternative, people will choose quality, sustainability, and health— It’s Brickstone Group’s mission to provide that choice.

We want to see an end to “food deserts” in underdeveloped areas and impoverished urban communities. Our mission is to facilitate commerce between consumers and small businesses through our innovative distribution platform. There are so many amazing goods that aren’t currently available to a wider market. Monolithic corporations have commandeered the grocery store shelves with their filler and derivative products at the expense of consumers’ choice–and often, their health. We handpick only the best tasting, healthiest foods and bring them to a market near you. Brickstone Group envisions a world where everyone has easy access to healthy, natural foods that are grown and harvested, not engineered.  Food made by farmers and chefs who are passionate about what they do. We want to see small farmers not just survive, but thrive. We want our partners to seek profit through quality, not at its expense.  

Our platform is innovative in its simplicity. Brickstone Group directly connects consumers with local farmers and small food manufacturers. We want to support quality food providers while lowering the costs of organic and all-natural products. Brickstone Group allows farmers to focus on farming—we take care of the rest.