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  1. Low Sugar Desserts for Easter

    As April starts, most of you have probably watched spring break come and rush away again, and are now counting down the days until summer, when you can enjoy all the sunshine, warm weather, and family time that comes with it. If you have kids, however, they are probably counting down to a date a few weeks sooner: Easter. For kids, Easter means the thrill of egg hunts and the sugar-fueled energy a…Read More

  2. Bakery Options for Diabetics

    Is “carbohydrates” a dirty word in your home? For many people with diabetes and other health issues, finding ways to maintain or promote good health through healthy eating can be hard to balance with those favorite sweets and food cravings. Which means, sadly, that many people find it easier to simply forgo the treats they love rather than wade through the struggle of balancing their nutritio…Read More

  3. Becoming a Wholesale Bakery Distributor

    Odds are good you’ve heard the saying “share the love” more than once - probably when a sibling or friend was trying to convince you to share a treat you were happily munching. That’s why the team at Lord de Pastry does what we do. Our wholesale bakery is all about sharing our love of delicious baked goods that are as healthy and naturally made as they are delicious. We pride ourselves on…Read More

  4. Low Sugar Desserts: Finding Diabetic Friendly Treats

    If you or a family member has diabetes, you’re probably very used to counting every single gram of sugar that comes in every food item you purchase. Unfortunately, this often means that your diabetic family member is left out when it comes to sweet treats at celebrations or on holidays, and that’s just wrong! If you want to be sure your diabetic family member isn’t left out - or, almost as …Read More

  5. How To Choose Healthy Desserts To Buy

    The bakery section at any grocery store or warehouse food store can be the most tempting section in the entire place. It’s totally understandable that you have a hard time resisting going home with a treat or two because of all those amazing smells. Because, let’s face it, the bakery section is always the best smelling part of the store, and half the battle alone is resisting the alluring sce…Read More

  6. Healthy Dessert Ideas for Better Eating Habits

    At this point, we’re nearly two weeks into the new year. How’s your resolution to eat healthy going? Following a fad diet is hard enough; lifestyle changes are even harder. However, if you’ve made it this far, don’t give up now! The first couple weeks of any sort of lifestyle changes, whether that’s eating, exercise, or something else entirely, are the hardest adjustment period. If you …Read More

  7. Have a Healthy New Year

    Year after year, one of the most common resolutions heard across the country is, “I’m going to lose weight and eat healthy foods only!” For some, that all-or-nothing attitude is a good way to force major changes to daily habits. For most of us, however, going the all-or-nothing route when it comes to diet changes is a sure plan for failure. Rather than cutting out fat, sugar, or carbs entir…Read More

  8. Holiday Healthy Eating Help

    Thanksgiving is just around the corner, which means we’re about to enter the month-long extravaganza of eating too much and constantly having sweets at hand. With all the parties, holiday baking, and other excuses to eat too much, it can be difficult to stay healthy. It’s a good thing those New Year’s resolutions come so soon after! At Lord de Pastry, we value the balance between delicious …Read More

  9. Welcome to Lord de Pastry!

    At Lord de Pastry, we are a commercial bakery who prides ourselves on making healthy pastry; we use the best natural ingredients to make a variety of wholesale baked goods from healthy low sugar desserts to gluten free and natural cookie options. We want to share our passion for eating healthy and enjoying food with you! Here are some things you can expect from our coming blog posts: Healthy Dess…Read More

  10. The Best In Town!

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