1. Holiday Healthy Eating Help

    Thanksgiving is just around the corner, which means we’re about to enter the month-long extravaganza of eating too much and constantly having sweets at hand. With all the parties, holiday baking, and other excuses to eat too much, it can be difficult to stay healthy. It’s a good thing those New Year’s resolutions come so soon after! At Lord de Pastry, we value the balance between delicious t…Read More

  2. Welcome to Lord de Pastry!

    At Lord de Pastry, we are a commercial bakery who prides ourselves on making healthy pastry; we use the best natural ingredients to make a variety of wholesale baked goods from healthy low sugar desserts to gluten free and natural cookie options. We want to share our passion for eating healthy and enjoying food with you! Here are some things you can expect from our coming blog posts: Healthy Desse…Read More